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LinkedIn InMail: Everything You Need To Know

Welcome to another LinkedIn tutorial by LinkedInPedia! In this tutorial, we’re going to learn everything about a LinkedIn Inmail.

Why Do You Need To Send a Linkedin InMail?

When it comes to getting opportunities on LinkedIn, there are generally a few ways that we can go about doing it:

  1. Attracting people to our profile
  2. Reaching out to individuals who might be interested in our product/service through email.

This tutorial is catered to those of you who are interested in the second one.

The Difference between LinkedIn email and LinkedIn InMail

Reaching out to individuals on LinkedIn is one of the most cost effective ways of getting relevant opportunities for your business through the platform.

However, many of you, especially for those of who are just starting out might not know that there are actually 2 types of emails that you can send on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Email Type #1 : The LinkedIn Message

The first type of email that you can send on LinkedIn is what is referred to as a LinkedIn message.

If you’ve been around LinkedIn for awhile, you’d know that sometimes when you visit a LinkedIn profile, you’d see a message icon like so:

How to see if you and another connection are connected on LinkedIn.

When you see such a button, it probably means that the profile that you’re viewing belongs to a 1st level connection.

A 1st level connection basically means that you both have connected before in the past on LinkedIn, thereby enabling the Message button to pop up.

When you see a Message button like so, it means that all emails are free, and you can basically send as many emails as you want.

Think of being connected on LinkedIn as a connection as the entry point to a Whatsapp/Skype kind of conversation – where there are no limits to how many messages that you can send.

LinkedIn Email Type #2 : The LinkedIn InMail

On the other hand, there’s the LinkedIn InMail, which is LinkedIn’s second suite of email service.

To understand in depth what LinkedIn InMails are, we’d have to take a closer look at LinkedIn’s definition of a LinkedIn InMail:

LinkedIn’s definition of LinkedIn InMail

In case you can’t read it, here’s what it says:

InMail messages are sent directly to another LinkedIn member you’re not connected to. If you have a Basic (free) account, you must upgrade to a Premium account to use InMail. You receive a specific number of InMail credits based on your subscription type.

Let’s break down the definition into further detail to really understand what LinkedIn is saying.

Another LinkedIn member you’re not connected to…

That means that a LinkedIn InMail only comes necessary when you and the person that you’re trying to reach out to aren’t connected on LinkedIn.

You must upgrade to a Premium account to use InMail…

This means that in order for you to use LinkedIn InMail, just having a free LinkedIn account is not sufficient.

You receive a specific number of InMail credits based on your subscription type.

Based on your subscription level (something that we’ll take a look at later on), you receive a number of coins and credits that you can use as InMail.

If you’re still confused, let’s dive a little deeper into the LinkedIn Premium plans to understand the full picture for ourselves.

linkedin inmail plans
LinkedIn’s Career Premium Plan

As you can see, LinkedIn offers 4 different Premium Plans for you to choose from.

Since the Plans are pretty intensive, we won’t go into detail about each of these plans and what they cover, since it’s beyond the scope of this article.

For this article, let’s cover the different plans and what they offer in terms of LinkedIn InMail credits.

LinkedIn Career Plan Offers You 3 LinkedIn InMail Credits

linkedin premium plans pricing inmail
LinkedIn’s Career Premium Plan offers 3 LinkedIn InMail Credits

As you can see from the screen shot above, the LinkedIn Premium Career Plan offers you 3 LinkedIn InMail credits, that you can use to reach out to any profile that you are not connected with.

If you’re still experimenting with LinkedIn, and you’re not sure whether or not LinkedIn InMail is something that would convert well for you, i’d suggest that you go for the LinkedIn Career plan. 

After all, every email that doesn’t convert is literally cost to you, and LinkedIn Premium plans don’t come cheap, including the LinkedIn Career Plan, which comes at a hefty SGD 39.99.

You’re literally paying SGD13.33 per email, if we take into consideration only the number of InMail credits that you get for this price point.

Price of LinkedIn’s Career Premium Plan

LinkedIn Business Plan Offers You 15 LinkedIn InMail Credits

Next up, we have the LinkedIn Premium Business Plan.

linkedin business premium plan inmail
LinkedIn’s Business Premium Plan

Under this plan, you get 15 LinkedIn InMail credits that you can use to grow your business through email outreach.

LinkedIn's Business Premium Plan offers you 15 LinkedIn InMail Credits
LinkedIn’s Business Premium Plan offers you 15 LinkedIn InMail Credits

This is considered quite a bump, up from the 3 InMail credits that you get with the LinkedIn Career plan.

Of course, you’d pay for these higher LinkedIn InMail credits:

LinkedIn’s Business Premium Plan prices

Prices for LinkedIn Business plan start from SGD64.99, depending on where you’re located.

LinkedIn Sales Plan Offers You 20 LinkedIn InMail Credits

Next up, we have the LinkedIn Sales Premium Plan.

LinkedIn’s Sales Premium Plan

Designed for Sales professionals, LinkedIn offers customers of this package a sweet 20 LinkedIn InMail credits, that you can use to cold InMail any connections that might fit your target audience.

LinkedIn’s Sales Premium Plan offers you 20 InMail messages
LinkedIn’s Sales Premium Plan prices

Starting from SGD89.99 though, this is one of the priciest plans that LinkedIn offers in its Premium offerings – and understandably so. 

Converting on a sale, depending on what you sell of course, could easily earn you back this initial investment.

At a cool 20 InMail credits, it’s really one of the best options out there to consider, if you’re serious about InMail outreach.

LinkedIn Sales Plan Offers You 30 LinkedIn InMail Credits

Finally, we come to LinkedIn Premium’s final plan, which is the Hiring Package.

LinkedIn’s Hiring Premium Plan

For this package, LinkedIn offers you 30 InMails that you can use in your InMail outreach.

LinkedIn Hiring Premium Plan offers 30 LinkedIn InMail messages

We’ve covered everything but sending an InMail

Don’t worry – we know.

But because we’d rather cut everything into chunks for better digestability and learning, we’ll cover the actual process of sending a LinkedIn InMail in the next LinkedIn tutorial.

Lastly, did you like this tutorial? What didn’t you like?

Give a thumbs up if you found this article helpful, or comment a few tips that you know of about LinkedIn InMail.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to drop us an enquiry here.

Either way, let me know what you think about LinkedIn InMail in the comment section down below, and i’ll see you in the next tutorial.

Updated on November 5, 2018

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