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LinkedIn Account : The Definitive Guide To Registration

So you want to create a LinkedIn Account?

Awesome! You’ve decided to join and explore the LinkedIn Community and we are thrilled to see you taking your first step to expanding your professional network online.

In this tutorial, we specifically cover how to register and create an account on LinkedIn from scratch, as well as provide some useful tips to make your new profile stand out!
Things You Should Know Before You Start

Before we begin, it is important to know that LinkedIn is a social networking site that is different from other media platform out there.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site where people get on to connect and immerse into the professional lives of others.

LinkedIn emphasises a lot about being real, and encourages strongly that people use their real identity.

Pro Tip:

  1. If  you decide to take this chance to challenge yourself to tell your professional story better, then we say Hooray!
  2. It is important that you should know LinkedIn is not a platform for you if you’re focus on uploading your flatlays, food, outfit of the day.
  3. Studies have shown when it comes to B2B (business to business) transactions, there’s no other network out there that beats LinkedIn. So if you deal with B2B people a lot, you need to be on LinkedIn.

How To Create A LinkedIn Profile

Here are some of the benefits of joining LinkedIn:

  1. LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 500 million members as of 2017.
  2. LinkedIn is a platform you can use to expand your social network, find more job opportunities, building thought leadership and meet professionals all around the world
  3. LinkedIn builds a close knitted community that shares their story
  4. You get to network professionally and strictly about business

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Go to LinkedIn To Start Creating A LinkedIn Account

The first step to creating your LinkedIn Account is to go to LinkedIn’s website:

Once there, you should see a sign up section in the middle, as shown above.

Enter Your Details

Now it’s time to enter your details into the sign up form.

Your Name

First Name: Enter your First Name

Last Name: Enter your Last Name

For some individuals, especially for Asians, you might get confused which is which.

For example, Shermaine Tan should be entered accordingly:

First Name: Shermaine

Last Name: Tan

If you get it wrong, don’t worry, you can always change it later.

Pro Tip:

When creating your account, it is important that you use your real name. Never use your company name or act as someone you’re not, otherwise, you will be violating LinkedIn user agreement.

Your Email

Pretty self explanatory. Enter your email in this field.

LinkedIn accepts both official business emails and personal emails, but, unless you own the domain that you create (especially if you’re an entrepreneur), you might want to consider using your personal email instead.

This is because if you decide to switch jobs halfway through your career, and you forgot to change your LinkedIn email address, you might end up not receiving notifications to your email address once you change your email account.


Next, you’d want to choose a password for your LinkedIn account.

You can either use a password that you already know, or you can use a password generator like LastPass.

Use LastPass To Generate A Password For Your LinkedIn Account

Firstly, go to LastPass’ website:

Choose Your LastPass Customisers

Next, you’d want to choose the LastPass Customisers that you’re comfortable with:

If you’re confused about these terms, here’s what they mean.

Easy to say: This removes numbers and special characters from the password generated for you

Easy to read: This removes ambiguous characters like 1, 0, I, and O from the password generated for you

All characters: This allows any number of characters to be mixed into the generated password

Choose Your LastPass Selectors

Next, from the right hand side of the box, choose from a checklist of selectors to further customise your password.

According to what you select, the password generated for you will adapt accordingly.

Choose Your LastPass Length

Next, choose a Password Length that you’re comfortable with:

If you’re uncertain what length is secure, you can take a look at the color bar at the top of the page:

Once the color bar is green, it means that your password is secure enough.

Refresh LastPass If You Need A New Password

If you’re not happy with the password generated for you from LastPass, click on the renew button on the right:

Copy Your Generated Password To Your LinkedIn Sign Up Page

Finally, once you’re satisfied with your generated password, click on the “Copy To Clipboard” button on the right hand side:

Then, head over to the LinkedIn sign up page and paste in the password.

You might want to take this time to paste this password somewhere safe.

Pro Tip:

There have been cases of LinkedIn accounts getting hacked, which can be a really tormenting experience for many.

Make sure that the password that you provide your LinkedIn account with is secure.

Once you’re done with filling up your information, click on “Join now”, and you should be directed to the sign up process.

Filling Up Your Demographic Details

When filling up your details, you’d want to ensure that all information you’ve provided is truthful and accurate.


Think about it this way: Let’s say someone offers you a job, business opportunity, or gig on LinkedIn based on the information that you provided on LinkedIn, but it turned out to be false – how much damage do you think your reputation will suffer?

Honesty is always the best policy on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn require these details from you is to ensure that they filter your LinkedIn Account by search in your Industry and Role.

Choose The Country You’re In

The first field that you see when you enter the sign up process asks you for your country/region.

LinkedIn, from our experience, uses this as a means of filtering and suggesting to you content that they think is relevant to your region/country of choice.

There are also many other ways that LinkedIn customises your LinkedIn experience through the Country/Region that you identify.

That’s why we recommend that you choose the right country/region that you operate in.

If you’re in doubt, simply use your home country, or resident country in this selection.

For example, since we’re based in Singapore, i’ll put Singapore in this field.

Enter Your Postal Code

Next, you’d be prompted to enter your postal code.

Now, take note that this field is optional, so if you don’t feel comfortable sharing that information with LinkedIn, you don’t have to fill it in.

However, do take note that LinkedIn does use the postal code to customise your experience – which we might cover in later tutorials.

Once you’re done, click on the Next button.

Filling Up Your Professional Details

Next, you’d want to fill up your professional details in the second page.

Most Recent Job Title

This is what it says on the label: You simply have to enter your most recent job title in this field.

Note that this field will automatically populate your LinkedIn Tagline, like so:

Most Recent Company

Next, you’d want to fill up your Most Recent Company.

Again, LinkedIn automatically places the Company that you identify here under your LinkedIn tagline like so:

If You Can’t Find Your Company

Some of you might not be able to find your company’s business profile dropping down as an option that you can choose in the “Most Recent Company” field.

Don’t fret! This is simply because the company you’re working in does not have a Business Profile on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn automatically generates an industry field if the company you’ve identified does not yet have a LinkedIn presence like so:

What you should do is to type in the name of your company and select the Industry you’re in, should the selection appear.

If You’re A Student Setting Up A LinkedIn Account

If you’re a student, click on the “I’m a student” button.

Verifying Your Account

Once you’re done going through the process, LinkedIn will require you to confirm your email as a means of confirming you’re not spam.

Check Your Email For The Verification Code

You should see this page appearing on your browser window.

As you can see LinkedIn is prompting us for a verification code:

Now, switch over to your email, and search for an email arriving from LinkedIn.

It should look something like this:

You can either choose to enter the code you see in the email in the middle or you can simply click on the “Agree & Confirm Your Email” button.

Once you’re done verifying your email address, you’ll be redirected to your fresh, new LinkedIn account.

Great work!

Creating A LinkedIn Account Is Just The Beginning

Creating your LinkedIn account is just the beginning of your LinkedIn marketing journey.

In order to have better visibility on LinkedIn, more work needs to be done.

In the next few tutorials, we will teach you how to create a spanking profile that helps you to be more relevant in searches, and appeal to more audiences.

If you liked this tutorial, and you’d like to see more, sign up for the LinkedIn tutorials newsletter to get first dibs when new episodes are released.

Updated on October 20, 2018

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