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How LinkedIn Changed My Game

2 Years ago, I had 0 connections on LinkedIn, and nothing to show for it.

Today, I was awarded by LinkedIn as a LinkedIn Power Profile of 2017 and 2018.

What changed?

Find out below.

Chapter 1:Meet Zero John

My initial journey on LinkedIn was a tough one.

0 Profile Views, 0 attention.

It was as though nobody even knew I existed.

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Meet Zero John

2 years ago, my profile sat in the LinkedIn Graveyard. There was nothing that sat there; except for a few words and names about my job descriptions; but that was it.

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I was desperate and tried everything under the sun, including what the so called “LinkedIn experts” were saying. Stuff like…

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Smile More!

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Headline Is Gold!

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Engage More!

Well, I did them. And got meagre results.

The fact is – the visibility on my LinkedIn profile increased to a grand total of 30 views per month.

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That’s it.

It was frustrating to put in so much work into my LinkedIn profile – yet fall short of getting any visibility on my LinkedIn presence.

It was like I wasn’t even there.

And far from the “opportunities” that LinkedIn promised, I found myself “losing” opportunities – simply because I was spending so much time on LinkedIn, instead of doing sales calls and running my business.

Chapter 2:Creating A System

That’s when I decided that enough was enough, and I wanted to bring myself out of the LinkedIn Graveyard.

That’s when I decided to create my own techniques for ranking high on LinkedIn; to shut off the “best practices”, and focus on my own experience to really figure out LinkedIn.

Day in and day out, I honed my own skills on LinkedIn marketing.

I relentlessly tested every method.

I ruthlessly striked off anything that didn’t work.

That’s when everything went crazy…

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When i’d refined this LinkedIn marketing system of mine, I’d quickly realised how powerful it’d become…

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It was so powerful that in a span of less than 3 months, I was able to garner a loyal audience on LinkedIn, which netted me a constantly growing base of people hungry to consume my content –

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I’d grown my follower base to a massive size of more than 30,000 professionals. That means that anything i’d post about my business; it’d get front page worthy attention.

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To double confirm my traffic, I’d also made sure that the statistics were proving that my LinkedIn marketing tactics worked…And boy was it crazy.

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In a span of 3 months of testing out my newfound LinkedIn marketing system, i’d gotten to the point where my LinkedIn profile was way above visible – I was getting treated like a thought leader – a huge contrast to where I’d started.

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I was getting featured everywhere as an influencer, including places like Business Insider, Marketing Interactive, content marketing blogs…the list goes on and on.

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Chapter 3:Changed My Business Forever

Having that solid LinkedIn Presence gave my business and my life

a new surge of energy that changed everything forever.

The fact that I didn’t have to hunt for opportunities,

but let them come to me was liberating.

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And if you think that that is impressive, wait till you see how it changed my business (for the better).

Let me explain.

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From these LinkedIn Marketing tactics, I’d gather about 50 business enquiries in one day.

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What’s interesting was: despite this, there were still calls by headhunters and recruiters asking me if i’d wanted to join their company… Opportunities that would have never come my way if I’d never figured out visibility on LinkedIn:

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Chapter 4:Visibility Everywhere

Ever since I’ve been practicing this LinkedIn system of mine,

it was as though all eyes were suddenly on me.

Suddenly, I ranked highly on LinkedIn and even on search engines…

all of which gave me the spurt of confidence that I was onto something.

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If you think that’s impressive, I was awarded the LinkedIn Power Profile of 2017 and 2018, and I was the only solo entrepreneur on that list that year.

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That meant that I ranked alongside top executives from giant companies with huge personal branding budgets like Grab, Google, Netflix and so on…

DBS Bank

All as a solopreneur.

For 2 years straight.

I Even Got Some Love From Google

Remember what i’d said about being at the bottom of the LinkedIn graveyard?

If you know anything about LinkedIn marketing, ranking high on LinkedIn means that your LinkedIn profile is naturally optimised for Search Engines as well…

In my case, because of my LinkedIn That Works Methodology, I was able to outrank all the other John Chens in the world.

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In case Blackberry’s John Chen comes to your mind, my LinkedIn profile outranked him on Google. That’s him down below…

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YES. I’d taken my LinkedIn profile from zero to hero.

All by working out my very own, patented LinkedIn That Works marketing system.

All by focusing relentlessly on what worked, and what did – while testing it out on myself.

But more importantly, all this came at ZERO to no cost.

Let me explain:

At this point in time, I’d spent $0 dollars on ads, and reached out to 0 people for business.

That meant:

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0 Ad Spend

Case Study | LinkedInPedia | 35

0 Sales Outreach

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0 Networking Events

Not many people can say that.

But you know what’s even more difficult than getting business results…it’s actually making a difference in people’s lives because of my LinkedIn Presence.

Till today, I get over 30 emails everyday from people i’ve never met in my life thanking me for the personal touch that my LinkedIn presence has made them feel.

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Chapter 5:Opportunities Everywhere

This sudden spike in LinkedIn Visibility was just one part of the puzzle…

the real magic came when I’d learned how to

convert this newfound LinkedIn traffic into opportunities that count.

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A LinkedIn Presence Gave Me Opportunities That I’d Never Dreamt Of Getting

Because of my LinkedIn presence, I was getting invites to speak at events attended by hundreds of professionals. These were opportunties that would otherwise never have existed without my LinkedIn marketing methodology.

I was invited to events like LinkedIn Local, both in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur…

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Or being invited as an expert to speak about LinkedIn and storytelling in sold out events…

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I Met Fans That I’d Otherwise Not Gain

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Without a powerful LinkedIn Presence, i’d never be able to meet these people you see above…

I’d never be able to build meaningful relationships with people.

In fact, it’s not just meeting these people that changed my life, it’s what they say that cuts into the heart.

What People Say To Me During Events

Perhaps the best part of attending these events is hearing what people say to me when they meet me for the first time.

These are LinkedIn connections that sometimes, after being connected for years on LinkedIn, finally had a chance to hear me speak up close and personal…

They’d say stuff like:

“I just had to attend your event to see you in person”

“My wife is an avid follower of your stories – she said I just had to check you out.”

“Your content and your LinkedIn Presence really changed my life.”

“If you’d write a book with all your daily LinkedIn stories, i’d buy it.”

These words changed my life for the better, and they gave me a spurt of confidence in running my businesses that would never have been obtained from any marketing campaign anywhere else, hands down.

Chapter 6:Paying It Forward

Ever since I’d learned about this powerful LinkedIn That Works system,

I’ve been working hard to pay it forward, and inspire professionals

to take their LinkedIn game to the next level.

If you’re struggling with LinkedIn, and you’re reading this,

that means I’m committed to helping you too.

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Since Then, I’ve Been Paying It Forward

Ever since i’ve found success on LinkedIn, my team has been working around the clock to make sure that we reach as many people as possible to educate them about the power of LinkedIn.

For example, i’ve spoken at events held for students to educate them about the importance of LinkedIn and the steps to take to build a career worth embarking on:

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I’ve also been speaking on various summits and podcasts, to talk about my LinkedIn Experience, and to inspire others to start their own LinkedIn journey…

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But more importantly, if you’ve been reading this far…I want to ask you this.

As you can see, I’ve been through the entire LinkedIn Marketing experience from scratch. This is what I do better than anybody – rapidly figure out a LinkedIn advantage, then captitalise on it to create Visibility on LinkedIn.

Even in the most competitive industries I am able to crush it and find a unique LinkedIn advantage, and I’ve done the same for tons of professionals and brands.

But the true value of my service isn’t just in LinkedIn marketing. in fact, that’s just a small chunk of what I do.

The fact is when you work with me, you get access to a team that knows how to find a unique story advantage, and how to effectively scale it for LinkedIn success.

I’m not bragging, but here are some professionals from major brands that decided to change their LinkedIn game with me.

Informatica Logo
Cisco Logo
Accenture Logo

And here’s their own transformational journey of using LinkedIn after working with us…

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Sami Liukka

Co Founder | Heavyweight Rex

John has a good eye for creating/editing world-content.

Case Study | LinkedInPedia | 58

Matthew A. Work

Owner | Work Law

John doesn’t stop until you’re completely happy!

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Keith Whannel

Specialist | Telstra

Exceeded my expecations. Hole in one, out of the park and home run.

Case Study | LinkedInPedia | 60

Lauren Schmidt

Adflow Networks

John helped me define my brand creatively – timeline, relevant and precise.

But What Do People Think? Well…

Woah is this my LinkedIn Profile? I was blown away.

John is the best out there.

John is a great writer! And this comes from a former journalist.

John is a thought leader in the LinkedIn field.

Grow Your LinkedIn Presence Now

If you’re like me when I was still starting out, LinkedIn can be a pain in the ass.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here; it’s going to be hard figuring out a social network that changes algorithms everyday…

But if you’re looking for a proven, step by step system that is proven to help you consistent generate the visibility that you desperately desire…

So that you get the opportunities that you know you deserve…

Then let’s chat about that journey of yours to become more visible on LinkedIn.

The Benefits Of A LinkedIn Game Well Done

If you’re still wondering at this point what benefits will a LinkedIn Game done well bring you, i’ve listed everything down in this handy summary:

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Rank high on Search Engines and be discoverable when you do LinkedIn right.

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No more outreach, networking events, and worrying about leads.

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A powerful LinkedIn experience builds a powerful community.

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Get noticed as a top influencer when you master LinkedIn.

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Get Headhunters and Recruiters knocking down your inbox.

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Grow your brand presence and brand equity the right way.

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Step 2

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