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What LinkedInPedia Is All About

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LinkedIn is the world’s top professional network.

But 8 in every 10 LinkedIn users polled that they don’t know how to use LinkedIn?

If that sounds familar to you, then fret not.

LinkedInPedia is where professionals and companies turn to for proven, step by step LinkedIn strategies and techniques.

Every single strategy and technique that you see here is what leapfrogged me from a LinkedIn profile with zero connections – into a LinkedIn Power Profile.

From zero to hero, i’ll take you through every single step you need to know to turn your LinkedIn game into a lead generating monster.

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How LinkedInPedia Helps You
Master LinkedIn

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Advice out there on LinkedIn Marketing is highly available, but there’s a catch:

They are either inactionable, inaccurate, or they don’t do a heck lot to get you the results you’re looking for…

I learnt the hard way myself, after trying every single tactic out there, only to be disappointed time and time again.

That’s why I created LinkedinPedia.

This is where I show you the specific tips, strategies or techniques you need to get the opportunities and results that you’re looking for on LinkedIn.

No fluff, or “theoretical” advice. Simply insanely actionable advice that works.

If you want LinkedIn strategies and technques that you can implement in 15 minutes (or less), make sure you sign up for my free updates right here:

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Why You Won’t Find This Site’s
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I don’t say this to brag, but I guarantee you that no advice or blog post out there on LinkedIn marketing is going to be as detailed as the information you’ll find on LinkedInPedia.

I say this because it’s important for you to take action now, and start reading the information on this site to take charge of your LinkedIn Marketing game right now.

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About John Chen

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LinkedInPedia was founded by John Chen, a two time LinkedIn Power Profile (2017, 2018).

After trying out and banging his head all over the place with LinkedIn “tactics” he read online, John Chen failed to bring his LinkedIn profile to any level of success.

Finally, in 2017, John struck gold in the LinkedIn Marketing Space by developing his own LinkedIn marketing methodology, winning the coveted LinkedIn Power Profile, awarded to the top 8 marketers in Singapore for 2 times in a row.

He’s ranked alongside top executives in this award, from companies like Google, Grab, and Amazon.

John then launched LinkedInPedia to share lessons that he has learnt along the way – and more.